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Maax Care is all about tailoring our services to fit your needs. This may mean just a quick visit every week to help with household chores, or it could mean help with medication and personal care, or you could require a full schedule of live-in care. Either way, if you require care support in Waltham Forest, we are here to help.



Home care

We will give you the care and support you need to continue living in your own home as long as you wish and are able to. From personal care and support with housekeeping, through to providing companionship and preparing meals, our friendly, compassionate carers will help you in every way possible to stay living in your home.


Live-in care

If you or your relative needs more constant care, a live-in carer is a great option if a care home is not for you. A live-in carer can assist you with every aspect of care, and be there for you in cases of emergency, even at night. Many of our clients are simply reassured by the knowledge there is someone else in the house.



Housekeeping and cleaning

Many households and people living by themselves struggle to keep up with chores around the home. Maax Care is here to help with care support in Waltham Forest and throughout East London. Whether you need help with ironing, cleaning, or cooking meals, we are here to help you.


Supported living

Maax Care is there to help elderly, disabled or isolated people interact with their community, by helping them with travel, accompanying them to social events, and helping with dressing or choosing an outfit. From essential appointments to being a chaperone on an evening out, we are here to assist.



Respite care

For the primary carer of an individual, it is essential to get the breaks needed to recharge and unwind. Whether you need just a few hours each week, or a week-long break, our carers are happy to step in for you, and take over your care duties while you take a break. If you need cover for care support in Waltham Forest, contact us today.


Dementia services

Many people live with dementia quite comfortably with only a little assistance, but for certain aspects, such as remembering medication, care visits can be an essential part of ongoing care. Assistance with personal care, dressing, or cooking meals can also be part of our dementia care services.




Palliative care

If you are nearing the end of your life, you may be concerned that you may need care in the near future, and not want the disruption of moving at such a late stage. Our carers will make sure you are happy and comfortable, and that your care plan can adapt to support your needs as they develop.



Many people who live alone may require company from time to time, someone to chat to and listen to them, or assistance with things such as shopping, or day-to-day advice. Having someone in your corner, to share your concerns with is a vital part of living and ensuring you are looking after yourself too.






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Contact us today: For home care in Waltham Forest and throughout East London, Maax Care is here to help.

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